Monday, August 17, 2015

Picture Date and Times

Pictures will be taken on August 20th.

All team pictures will be on the same night. Some teams might not have games on the night of pictures. Each team as a specific time. Please have all your players there even if they aren't buying pictures so the team pics are complete. All players should be in uniform.

Kimmel: 4:50 p.m.
M. Anderson (1st/2nd) 5:00 pm
Pyne: 5:10 pm
Mason: 5:20 pm
5th/6th grade: 5:30 pm
Burningham: 5:45 pm
Mabey: 6:00 pm
J. Anderson (1st/2nd): 6:10 pm
3rd/4th grade: 6:20 pm
Wilson: 6:30 pm
Savage: 6:45 pm

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