Thursday, June 16, 2016


Monday, June 20, 2016


It's time for team pictures. Please see the order sheet below for prices. Even if you aren't ordering pictures this year, we encourage you to bring your child so the whole team can be in the team pictures. Even if you don't have a game that night, remember to wear your uniform.
Thanks and we'll see you Monday night at the old park under the trees.

6:00       T-ball Team #1             Coach Huntington
6:10       Coach Pitch Team #1   Coach Dymock (Girls)
6:20       T-ball Team #2             Coach Thornton
6:30       T-ball Team #3             Coach Theobald
6:45       Coach Pitch Team #2   Coach Huntington (Boys)
7:00       T-ball Team #4             Coach Burningham
7:10       Mustang                        Coach Strasburg
7:20       Pony                              Coach Shepherd

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