Thursday, May 7, 2015

We have Schedules!

Schedules and uniforms have been delivered to the coaches.

If you lose your schedule, you can come back here to find it. Just above the posts are tabs with the age groups/teams. Click on your child's age and you'll find their schedule listed under their coach's/team name.

We're still looking for umpires 17 or older. If you're interested, please contact Christina at 801-754-1658. (You will be paid for your time.)

***New this season...A Snack Bar!***
Look for the snack bar to be open during your games and enjoy cold water, soda's, snacks, and dinner!

We're working on a schedule for team pictures. As soon as we have it, I'll post it here and on the town Facebook page. Please let your teammates know.

Thanks to everyone who volunteers their time! This is going to be a great season.