Tuesday, May 7, 2019

GAME SCHEDULE May 7-May 10 2019

Games are subject to change according to weather.  PLEASE wait to be notified by your COACH about weather cancellation decisions, you WILL be notified if games are cancelled, no need to call around in a panic 😉.

This Week's Game Schedule: (PLEASE learn your child's league and team name 😉)
(this is ALL leagues playing in the G.G.E. League {Genola.Goshen.Eureka. League})
Tues 5/7: Braves VS Santa Queens 5:30 in Genola, Comets VS Storm 5:30 in Salem
Thurs 5/9: Braves VS Comets 5:30 in Genola
Wed 5/8: A's VS Yankees 5:15 in Payson Field #5, Astros VS Angels 6:00 in Genola
Fri 5/10: A's VS Astros 7:00 in Payson Field #1, Yankees VS Pirates 6:00 in Genola
Thurs 5/9: Comets VS Angels 7:00 in Genola
Tues 5/7: Red Sox VS Orioles 5:30 in Genola
Thurs 5/9: Cardinals VS Red Sox 5:00 in Payson Field #1
Tues 5/7: Pumas VS Braves 7:00 in Genola
Thurs 5/9: Braves VS Stingrays 6:30 in Payson Field #1
Tues 5/7: Red Sox VS Payson 7:00 in Genola
Thurs 5/9: Payson VS Red Sox 5:30 in Payson

Umpire Schedule for Genola games this week (subject to change):

5/7 5:30 Falcons Megan and Brindyn
5:30 Pinto Bridger T and Jayse
7:00 Fox Megan and Brindyn
7:00 Pony Bridger T and Jayse
5/8 6:00 Mustang Brindyn and Bridger T
5/9 5:30 Falcons Megan and Brindyn
7:00 Filly Megan and Brindyn
5/10 6:00 Mustang Bridger T and Jayse

I need at least 24 hours notice if Umpires are unable to do the games they are assigned.