Thursday, March 25, 2021


 Baseball and Softball registration are in full swing. Registration deadline for regular fees ends April 1, after which time a $10 late fee will be applied to all registration.

Registration form, print, fill out, and return to the Genola Town office M-Th 9am-5pm, 801-754-5300, 74 West 800 South, Genola.

We organize teams for the following leagues and grades:


Coach Pitch--1st-2nd Grade

Mustang Baseball--3rd-4th Grade

Falcons Softball--3rd-4th Grade

Pinto Baseball--5th-6th Grade

Filly Softball--5th-6th Grade

Pony Baseball--7th-8th Grade

Fox Softball--7th-9th Grade

We are also in need of Umpires, anyone age 14+ may apply, this is a paid job position, please apply at the town office.

Monday, August 24, 2020

2020 Soccer Schedules

Schedules are out! Please read the COVID guidelines doc as well. 

COVID guidelines


1/2 Grades

3/4 Grades

5/6 Grades (Genola 5/6 grade team is listed as Genola Green, Eureka 5/6 grade team is listed as Genola Blue)

Genola Green:

Genola Blue:

7/8 Grades

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Field Manager Position

Genola Town is looking to hire a Sports Field Manager.
Field Manager will attend all home games for grades 3-8, support young officials, and help with conflict resolution.
Must be over 18.
Games are typically Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 1-3 games each evening from 5:30-8:30pm.
Job begins with the 2020 Fall soccer season.
Please call or text LaCee Clayburn, 435-671-7229, for more information.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Soccer 2020

Register for Soccer NOW!

I am sorry, online payment is not an option, we DO NOT accept PayPal or Venmo.  You may pay in person at the office via check, cash or card or you may call the office and pay via card by phone. 801-754-5300

Please note:

*A Genola Soccer uniform is required and is charged as a separate fee of $20

*Soccer socks are required as part of your child’s uniform, you may purchase your own, of any color, or you may choose to order Genola Green Soccer socks now, this is charged as a separate fee of $6.

*CHOOSE THE GRADE YOUR CHILD WILL ENTER DURING THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR. Note: We DO NOT play children up, age is NOT a factor, we go by grade only, please do not cheat your child’s grade, if it becomes apparent you have given us the incorrect information to get your child on an older team we will remove your child from the team and place them on the appropriate team with no refund for difference in team price.

*While I am willing to attempt to fulfill your requests to be placed with certain teammates please understand it is not always feasible, I will try my best with Pre-K through 2nd grade only, but no guarantees!* **All players 3rd-9th grade will be put through a fair and equal draft to create teams**

Fees explanation:  All fees are used for equipment and field upkeep {water, fuel for mowing and raking, costs for equipment repairs, chalk for lines, new equipment, etc.} fees fluctuate from year to year to accommodate rising or falling costs for the above necessities.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

GAME SCHEDULE May 7-May 10 2019

Games are subject to change according to weather.  PLEASE wait to be notified by your COACH about weather cancellation decisions, you WILL be notified if games are cancelled, no need to call around in a panic 😉.

This Week's Game Schedule: (PLEASE learn your child's league and team name 😉)
(this is ALL leagues playing in the G.G.E. League {Genola.Goshen.Eureka. League})
Tues 5/7: Braves VS Santa Queens 5:30 in Genola, Comets VS Storm 5:30 in Salem
Thurs 5/9: Braves VS Comets 5:30 in Genola
Wed 5/8: A's VS Yankees 5:15 in Payson Field #5, Astros VS Angels 6:00 in Genola
Fri 5/10: A's VS Astros 7:00 in Payson Field #1, Yankees VS Pirates 6:00 in Genola
Thurs 5/9: Comets VS Angels 7:00 in Genola
Tues 5/7: Red Sox VS Orioles 5:30 in Genola
Thurs 5/9: Cardinals VS Red Sox 5:00 in Payson Field #1
Tues 5/7: Pumas VS Braves 7:00 in Genola
Thurs 5/9: Braves VS Stingrays 6:30 in Payson Field #1
Tues 5/7: Red Sox VS Payson 7:00 in Genola
Thurs 5/9: Payson VS Red Sox 5:30 in Payson

Umpire Schedule for Genola games this week (subject to change):

5/7 5:30 Falcons Megan and Brindyn
5:30 Pinto Bridger T and Jayse
7:00 Fox Megan and Brindyn
7:00 Pony Bridger T and Jayse
5/8 6:00 Mustang Brindyn and Bridger T
5/9 5:30 Falcons Megan and Brindyn
7:00 Filly Megan and Brindyn
5/10 6:00 Mustang Bridger T and Jayse

I need at least 24 hours notice if Umpires are unable to do the games they are assigned.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

2019 Baseball!!

I apologize to those who still prefer to use this Blog for recreation information and have been left out of updated information this past year.  We opened a new source for information on Facebook, a page called Genola Town Recreation, please follow this page for the most up to date information!

FYI 2018 Soccer began a new chapter in Genola, Goshen and Eureka recreation.  We were able to gather enough players for our 3rd-4th grade league to play between just us three towns successfully!  And it was our best soccer year for that league yet!  How does this pertain to Baseball?  Well, we are hoping to do the same for our Mustang 3rd-4th grade baseball league this year!  BUT it seems the only way to successfully do this is to run this league CO-ED rather than separating into baseball and softball teams.  So please be aware that this is a strong possibility!  Our three little towns have yet to have a meeting to further discuss this seriously for 2019 so this is not a sure thing, please, either way, do not hesitate to sign your girls up with Genola, Goshen or Eureka!  We will find a place for them whether it be on a full softball team, on a CO-ED team or by refunding your registration in plenty of time to get you onto a Payson softball team.  Our goal is to bring in enough Baseball and Soccer registration in future seasons to be able to play all ages between just our three towns rather than depend on Payson for a chance to play in a league.

Down to business!

It's time for 2019 Baseball to begin!

Registration begins now!  You can find a registration form at the Town Office or print one from here, PLEASE NOTICE THERE ARE TWO PAGES TO FILL OUT!!!  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT I HAVE BOTH PAGES, I CANNOT ACCEPT PARTIAL REGISTRATION FORMS!!!

I'm sorry, we still do not have online payment for recreation.  Please submit your payment one of three ways: In person at the town office M-Thurs 9am-5pm, via phone (1-801-754-5300) M-Thurs 9am-5pm or drop your registration form and money in a sealed envelope in the town office drop box any time 24/7.

Here is the link to print the Baseball and Softball Registration Form TWO PAGES!