Monday, July 6, 2020

Soccer 2020

Register for Soccer NOW!

I am sorry, online payment is not an option, we DO NOT accept PayPal or Venmo.  You may pay in person at the office via check, cash or card or you may call the office and pay via card by phone. 801-754-5300

Please note:

*A Genola Soccer uniform is required and is charged as a separate fee of $20

*Soccer socks are required as part of your child’s uniform, you may purchase your own, of any color, or you may choose to order Genola Green Soccer socks now, this is charged as a separate fee of $6.

*CHOOSE THE GRADE YOUR CHILD WILL ENTER DURING THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR. Note: We DO NOT play children up, age is NOT a factor, we go by grade only, please do not cheat your child’s grade, if it becomes apparent you have given us the incorrect information to get your child on an older team we will remove your child from the team and place them on the appropriate team with no refund for difference in team price.

*While I am willing to attempt to fulfill your requests to be placed with certain teammates please understand it is not always feasible, I will try my best with Pre-K through 2nd grade only, but no guarantees!* **All players 3rd-9th grade will be put through a fair and equal draft to create teams**

Fees explanation:  All fees are used for equipment and field upkeep {water, fuel for mowing and raking, costs for equipment repairs, chalk for lines, new equipment, etc.} fees fluctuate from year to year to accommodate rising or falling costs for the above necessities.

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